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TRUST self-assessment tool on its way

The online self-assessment tool that is currently being developed by TRUST will enable cities to do a quick assessment whether they are on track for a sustainable water future. In only three hours time, the tool that will be available for everyone on the TRUST website at the end of 2012, will provide a preliminary, simple assessment of the current situation of the city, answering essential questions if the standards for a sustainable water future are met.


Based on the results of the self-assessment, the tool will then lead to other TRUST products. As an example, if the self-assessment shows that the water loss of the city is too high, the tool will offer the link to the TRUST deliverable: ‘Technical guidance on evaluation and selection of various water saving technologies’.


As a first step, the performance assessment framework and urban water cycle services (UWCS) performance indicators and their application for the TRUST self-assessment tool have been selected and defined. During the further development stage, TRUST pilot cities are going to be invited to participate in the development and the fine-tuning of the tool, to provide feedback and to test the tool.


The online self-assessment tool is due in October 2012 and will be available on the TRUST website for anyone who wishes to use it.

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