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Understanding TRUST pilot cities and the water scarcity cluster

Better knowledge of the TRUST pilot cities situation, a clearer picture of their needs and expectations towards TRUST, personal contacts and an increased mutual understanding gained the almost 50 participants of the Algarve TRUST meeting at the beginning of April.


The meeting addressed people from the water scarcity cluster and the pilot cities in general. Scientists, representatives of the utilities (e.g. Aguas do Algarve as bulk supplier of drinking water and wastewater services), regional authorities and municipalities as supplier of water services to the end-user households mainly from Portugal participated in the lively exchange.


On day 1 (cities platform) the meeting focused on the exchange between TRUST and the pilot cities, the presentation of TRUST tools to assess sustainability, familiarisation with the concept of roadmapping and feedback and stakeholder opinions on those tools. On day 2 (workshop on alternative resources) the focus was lying on discussions with stakeholders on options for the use of alternative resources, barriers and impediments as well as benefits, their integration into water resources management, affordable options, trends in water recycling and desalination technologies.