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First TRUST cities platform took place

In Faro, the first TRUST Cities Platform took place at the beginning of April. The first Cities Platform was aimed at the water scarce cities with the objective to share major outcomes of the TRUST activities on the sustainability assessment and roadmapping process. The Cities Platform was combined with a regional workshop for which local participants of water utilities, practitioners, regulators, decision makers and researchers were invited.


On the second day the meeting continued with the workshop ‘alternative water resources’. Assuring safe water supply in view of recurring droughts or seasonal water demand exceeding available natural resources poses a real challenge to water utilities in water scarce regions. Alternative resources are thus more and more considered an important and integrated element in water resources management.


The workshop was to provide an overview and facilitate exchange of water recycling practices and desalination techniques. It was to point out options to integrate them in UWCS in a more sustainable way. A major intention was to learn about the current activities in this field in the TRUST pilot cities of the water scarce cluster.


The meeting was organized in collaboration with AdP and the local host Aguas do Algarve.

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