Organisations in the water sector are facing increasingly complex and evolving challenges - from meeting stricter performance requirements, to dealing with global trends such as population growth, economic downturns and climate change. This dynamic context increasingly requires organisations to be more flexible and adaptive - to adjust themselves to suit changing circumstances. The TRUST self-audit adaptive potential tool for urban water stakeholders has been developed specifically to help water sector organisations understand and improve their capacity to be adaptive. By doing so, an organisation can learn more from their experiences and adjust management practices as a result of what is learned. The tool guides users through a series of targeted questions, in which they are asked to assess particular practices within of their organisation. The purpose is to instigate thoughts about how their organisation operates and how practices might be improved. Once the tool questions are completed, an overall assessment scores that reflects the adaptive capacity of the user?s team is provided. A suite of on-line resources is also given to the user. These are specifically tailored to help build on the strengths and reduce the weaknesses in their adaptive capacity.
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