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The central objective of the European project TRUST is to deliver co-produced knowledge to support Transitions to the Urban Water Services of Tomorrow, enabling communities to achieve a sustainable, low-carbon water future without compromising service quality. TRUST delivered research driven innovations in governance, modelling concepts, technologies, decision support tools, and novel approaches to integrated water, energy, and infrastructure asset management. These innovations have been demonstrated by the implementation of the most promising interventions in the urban water system of the nine different participating city pilot regions. TRUST outcomes are incorporated into planning guidelines and decision support tools, and through dissemination of the knowledge generated to a broad stakeholder community including water utilities, water authorities, technology and service providers, and academics. Among others, the results from the TRUST project can be presented through university courses; i.e. the subject of this deliverable. Given the importance of post-graduate education, a curriculum for a one-year postgraduate course on sustainable management of urban water cycle services (UWCS) is prepared. The aim of the curriculum is to provide a reference that may be adapted or adopted by any European university or network of universities. Although the curriculum and courses presented are hypothetical, for the descriptions actual course contents of several European universities are used. TRUST deliverables are presented as course reading. Open access repository:
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