Last modified: June 16th, 2015 15:02 CEST
Decision support system (DSS) is a software tool that is used for the strategic level planning of an urban water system (UWS) under a number of future scenarios. The DSS evaluates and ranks a number of user defined intervention strategies (or simply alternatives), each defined over a pre-specified long-term planning horizon, by evaluating their impact on a number of (user defined) Urban Water Systems (UWS) performance metrics (or indicators). Once evaluated, alternatives are ranked by using a Multi Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) method. The DSS allows specifying different preferences (i.e. weights) for different criteria (i.e. metrics) used for ranking the alternatives. Once ranked, alternatives can be modified (including adding the new ones) and re-ranked. The best, i.e. most robust alternative (i.e. intervention strategy) is the one that ranks high under multiple scenarios.
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