Infrastructure asset systems play an important role in the economic development and transformation of nations. Owning and operating these assets presents continual challenges to the managers and engineers of the utilities and public service providers. Existing infrastructure is ageing while demand grows for improved and reliable water, wastewater and storm water services responding to increasingly stringent regulation as well as population evolution. To address these challenges, there is need for strategic asset management. Strategic asset management is an integrated optimization process of ?managing infrastructure assets to minimize the total cost of owning and maintaining them, while continuously delivering the service levels that customer?s desire, at an acceptable level of risk?. It is an art of balancing performance, cost and risk. To achieve this balance requires a multidimensional approach that combines management, engineering principles, sound business practices, and economic theory. Learning outcomes ----------------- After successful completion of this course students are expected to have a good understanding of: - Setting up a vision ?- The fundamental concepts, principles and benefits of infrastructure asset management; ?- Setting up a objectives, assessment criteria, metrics and reference values as a basis for transparent and accountable decision making; - Principles and practical implementation of a roadmapping ?- Asset management as an intrinsic component of the organization strategic plan; ?- Best practice approaches for sustainable asset management with case studies; ?- Infrastructure asset management techniques and methodologies; ?- Asset inventory data and information management systems; ?- Asset management decision support tools and models (performance assessment, system analysis, risk assessment and forecasting, financial models and financial assessment, capital investment planning, long term cost assessment & value optimization, etc); ? -Institutional, organization, and research aspects of asset.
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