The scope of this TRUST series of best practice manuals is the integrated planning of urban water services, focusing on Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM). IAM aims at ensuring that infrastructures are managed in such a way that sustainability of the service is ensured by maximizing service performance at a minimum cost and with acceptable risk levels, in the long term. Urban water services include water supply and wastewater and storm water management. Vol. 1 (D53.3a) introduces a global framework, key principles and concepts and the main challenges and opportunities. Vol. 2 corresponds to D52.2. and includes specific guidelines for policy- making at a national or regional level. Vol 3. and Vol. 4 focus respectively on strategic and on tactical planning at the utility level (D53.3b and c). The other two manuals (D53.3d and D53.3e) are a portfolio of rehabilitation techniques used in supply pipes and storage tanks and drainage systems. Open access repository:,,,, and
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