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The conference "Cities of the Future - Transitions to the Urban Water Services of Tomorrow (TRUST)" thus provided an opportunity to present and discuss leading-edge developments in the area of urban water services with an international audience of water utility personnel, researchers, engineers, technology providers, city planners, consultants, regulators and policy makers. It focused on the techniques, technologies and management approaches aiming at enabling and supporting the transition towards more sustainable urban water futures, but also zoomed-in on the socio-economic requirements and aspects of this transition. More than 120 participants from about 20 countries joined the three days event at Mülheim an der Ruhr (Germany) to enjoy and discuss more than 40 presentations and about 20 posters.We are now happy to present and publish this volume with many manuscripts of the presentations given at the conference. We are confident that the promising results presented at the conference will resonate in the water sector and in the long term contribute to more sustainable water services in our Cities of the Future. Open access repository:
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