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Knowledge, tools and technologies generated through TRUST must be available to a wide range of professional and lay communities. Each audience and local circumstances are different, and they need appropriate formatted material and communication vehicles that succeed in delivering the right message for each audience and situation. Addressing researchers, technical staff and policy-makers is a completely different task for each type of individual. This task differs even more depending on the geographic location of the intended target because it needs to adapt to the economic, social and environmental context. Transition roadmaps in both the form and management of urban water services will obviously be different between a Northern European, an African or a Mediterranean city. The communication strategy should be present in all deliverables from the project, with clear objectives and target audiences, obtaining an overall impact that is greater than the sum of the parts. TRUST cannot be understood as a mere media production center with uncertain target groups. Deliverables will aim specific target audiences and their contents will be shaped and adapted accordingly, a process that can be understood backwards. Deliverables will be designed and intended to target specific groups. The goal of generating a lasting legacy of TRUST contribution to a broad stakeholder community reinforces the need of this standpoint. The Target Audience Analysis poses as a guideline to reach this goal. Open access repository:
Download: Target Audience Analysis Report (PDF, 188.6 KB)
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