Last modified: June 25th, 2012 11:29 CEST
TRUST is a very ambitious project. Transitioning from the current situation of urban water services to an ideal vision of a near future requires a clear path, the right tools and, above all, the will to make the right changes. Cities participating in TRUST share the determination of leading the way for the water services of the future. As project partners, the participating cities will be responsible for providing feedback to the different teams in the project, help in the development and testing of the new tools and, above all, implementing some of these solutions in the future. However, the challenges in the water sector can be very different depending on the local circumstances. This is why TRUST cities represent the different realities of water in Europe. From the wet North, represented by the Scottish cities and Oslo, to the much drier environment of Southern Europe (Athens, Reggio Emilia, Madrid and Algarve) including the heart of Europe (Amsterdam, Hamburg and Bucharest) and also Schiphol airport, a small and unique city on its own. The second issue of TRUST Magazine introduces all cities participating in the project and presents their vision for the future and their contribution to the project.
Download: TRUST Magazine 2 (PDF, 1.78 MB)
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