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Scenario 2040 for Oslo as model city

The TRUST report ‘Scenario 2040 for Oslo as model city’ is a publicly available sequel to a confidential TRUST report in which interventions suggested by the water sanitation utility in Oslo (Oslo VAV) have been tested, using the WaterMet 2 (WM2) model developed by Exeter University and the Dynamic Metabolism Model (DMM) developed at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.


‘Scenario 2040 for Oslo as model city’ starts off by emphasising the need for a holistic long-term sustainability approach in decision-making in water and wastewater utilities around the world. The models referred to above are proposed as aids in meeting this need. With the help of references to earlier published works and TRUST deliverables related to these models, as well as some new tests carried out using the DMM, the usability of the same has been demonstrated. ‘Usability’ here refers to understanding the impact of interventions on selected metrics/indicators in 2040 and subsequent choices/selections, which utilities would make depending on their priorities, targets and benchmarks.


The models have been extensively tested at Oslo VAV. A brief summary of the initial feedback from personnel at Oslo VAV is provided. Differences between WM2 and DMM make them useful in different contexts. These differences are recounted here again. Simply put, depending on what the end-users’ needs, goals, objectives and constraints are, one or the other is preferable.


Main target audience for this report are people involved in strategic planning for water infrastructure maintenance and upgrading, such as the scientific community, water professionals – decision makers and policy makers, specifically city engineers, responsible for strategic management of water infrastructure.


You can download the full report here.



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  1. Thanks Makka.. Doing just fine!!As per the rules, all the houses in TN are hanivg somewhat similar setup for rain water harvesting makka. Might need a little more expensive system. Govt could give this setup for free instead of free tv etc!!