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ADAPT your ways

Now available is the TRUST report about the ADAPT tool developed by HR Wallingford, England, which is mainly of interest for the scientific community and water professionals (technical staff and water professionals).


The report details the development of the tool ADAPT (A Drainage Analysis and Planning Tool). The objective of the tool is to evaluate the improvement requirements to a stormwater system in order to achieve a sustainable performance in serving the community with minimal impact on the environment. The tool is based on the use of optimisation of a range of possible options to achieve a stated set of performance criteria. Improvements to the drainage system can be effected by either making changes to the network assets (pipes and storage tanks), and removal or modification of the runoff from paved surfaces.


The tool has been applied to the small steep catchment of Hoffselva in Oslo, Norway. The catchment has problems associated with both flooding (58 known basement locations) and pollution in the two small watercourses from 21 overflows from the combined sewer system. An Infoworks CS model has been built and verified, before being used to analyse the system behaviour and evaluate options for meeting performance requirements. The results demonstrate how the performance requirements might be achieved and confirms the capabilities and effectiveness of the tool.


The deliverable is complete in as much as it demonstrates the tool exists and works. However development is on-going and this deliverable will be updated at the end of the project. The report is detailed in two parts in the main section; the development of ADAPT, and then its application in analysing the pilot study area.


Download the whole report here.