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The Maputo TRUST workshop

A TRUST training workshop on infrastructure asset management was held in Maputo, Mozambique, between the 25th and 27th of February. The workshop was given by the two Portuguese TRUST partners, Águas de Portugal and LNEC (the Portuguese National Laboratory of Civil Engineering). The initiative also benefited from the collaboration of AQUATEC (The AdP Subsidiary Mozambican consulting company in water supply, water drainage and environment) and Aquashare/Nucopa (the Mozambican Organization of Water Providers), which raised local awareness and involved entities operating in the water services sector.


Representatives of the main players of the Mozambique water sector participated in this workshop, including the Administration of Water and Sanitation Infrastructure (AIAS), the National Directorate of Waters (DNA), the National Water Services Regulator (CRA), the Water Supply Investment and Asset Management Fund (FIPAG) and the utility Águas da Região de Maputo.


Within this workshop, a series of software support packages, developed within the scope of the TRUST/AWARE project, were presented, demonstrating their relevance to asset management. The workshop was focused on asset inventory, performance evaluation, strategical and tactical asset management plans, human resource training and risk analysis. Presentation of the methodologies and tools were supported by group discussion and brainstorming, engaging participants and allowing to share personal experiences and improve knowledge acquisition.


Participants of the TRUST workshop in Maputo

Participants of the TRUST workshop in Maputo