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Train4TRUST in Reggio Emilia

At the end of April, a Train4TRUST event took place in Reggio Emilia, Italy. It was directed at the technical staff of the IREN group and took place in the East Reggio water treatment plant and pumping station (Centrale Idrica Reggio Est).


The first day was dedicated to technicians of the water utility and focused on hands on training on selected models and topics, while the second day focused on decision makers at strategic level, regional authorities and media.


The Watermet2 model, developed by Exeter University, has been used for the training activity as selected by the water utility in addition to an in depth introduction to the TRUST DSS and sustainability framework. This was performed by i) giving a presentation to set a common understanding on TRUST definitions and domain and ii) running the model of Langhirano’s system built by Bologna University before the event. The feedback about the model was very positive. The TRUST approach was considered an important instrument for macroscopic strategic planning, even though some features still have to be adapted / tested further.


The President of the IREN Company, Prof. Francesco Profumo, opened the event on the second day with appreciations for the work performed. There were three presentations on that day: Overview of the TRUST project (Vittorio Di Federico, UNIBO), The TRUST impact within IREN (Robert Bertozzi, IREN), and the main tools of the TRUST project (Rita Ugarelli, SINTEF/NTNU). The day ended with a visit at the water treatment plant.


The successful training event was broadcasted by a press release before and by a summary on the local news the same day with high media impact.



Train4TRUST in Reggio Emilia