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TRUST has come to an end

“The continuing challenge that I see is engaging urban water utilities to use the tools and technologies that will help them face future challenges, such as climate change and population growth. Programs like TRUST reflect a significant investment by the European Commission and the greatest payback will be when urban water utilities, using these tools, are successful in meeting these challenges of the future.” (Dan Murray, US Environmental Protection Agency & Project Advisory Committee of TRUST)


With the final conference at the end of April 2015, the TRUST project now officially has come to an end. The Cities of the Future – Transitions to the Urban Water Services of Tomorrow (TRUST) conference provided an opportunity to present and discuss leading-edge developments in the area of urban water services with an international audience of water utility personnel, researchers, engineers, technology providers, city planners, consultants, regulators and policy makers. It focused on the techniques, technologies and management approaches aiming at enabling and supporting the transition towards more sustainable urban water futures, but also zoom-in on the socio-economic requirements and aspects of this transition. The conference also allowed to network and plan future collaborations. A TRUST tool stand provided the opportunity to get informed about the main TRUST tools and offered presentations about some of the major outputs during the coffee breaks.


“The things that I found most interesting and inspiring at the same time in the conference were the diversity of actions that we can take in the water sector to build and transform our cities into more sustainable ones. Also, the integration with design enhances furthermore the benefits of embedding the water in the city, and provides additional social and ascetic benefits that are often forgotten by engineers!” (Ana Galvão (Assistant Professor) Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal)


With around 120 participants the TRUST conference was a great success and the majority of the attendants attested a good to excellent quality to the event and the TRUST project in general, which is also mirrored in the fact that a lot of the participants answered the question ‘What future actions will you be taking as a result of attending the conference?’ by expressing their intention to get further information about and consider the use of TRUST tools.


“I am very satisfied that we managed to demonstrate so many good outcomes of TRUST and exposed the potential it brings for improved management of urban water systems. The complementary examples provided by the many in particular German projects brought even wider perspectives of the current opportunities. It also has shown that we do carry out a lot of research with practical implications, that to-days researchers in general have a mature attitude to make a difference.” (Sveinung Saegrov, TRUST work area leader, Norway)


Enjoy some picture impressions of the final conference (link to gallery)


“For me the most relevant insight of the conference was to get an impression how the challenges related to water management will change in the cities of the future, and how new approaches in water management can help to increase the sustainability and quality of life.” (Daniel Karthe, UFZ, Germany)