Enrique Cabrera Rochera
A high profile, a catalysing impact, and an enduring legacy are the hallmarks of a successful Framework project. We intend that the knowledge, tools and technologies generated through TRUST be available to a wide range of professional and lay communities. To promote a durable influence we have adopted a set of innovative approaches to knowledge dissemination & utilisation which consortium members are well placed to exploit. Meeting the challenge of translating scientific understanding and knowledge into action and desirable change will require engagement and commitment from all stakeholders.
Each audience and local circumstances are different, and they need appropriate communication vehicles that succeed in delivering the right message for each situation. Additionally, a large project like TRUST is more likely to have a clear impact if synergies resulting from all the efforts in the different areas are obtained by creating a strong brand that is recognizable and has credibility. The creation of the TRUST brand goes beyond the design of a logo or some templates to be applied to all materials. The communication strategy should be present in all deliverables from the project, with clear objectives and target audiences, obtaining an overall impact that is greater than the sum of the parts. The broad aim of Work Area 7 is to design and provide the most appropriate vehicles for the dissemination of project results and to assure an effective competence transfer to society of the project deliverables.
The TRUST Approach
The WA7 objectives outlined above will be delivered through the following ten initiatives:

  • make all TRUST results universally accessible to society, free of any charge, including software packages and e-training courses
  • design the most adequate dissemination and transfer strategies and vehicles taking into account the message and target audience
  • establish a TRUST brand which provides recognition and credibility to all project deliverables
  • create a deliverable processing unit which will harmonize and post-produce all deliverables to increase impact and acceptability
  • appoint a continuous presence unit that coordinates partners efforts and assists them in delivering constant news and updates on the project with the TRUST website as the main vehicle
  • take competence transfer further by allowing a direct interaction between TRUST participants and local stakeholders with the organization of specialized regional workshops
  • create a project legacy that will leave beyond TRUST, by creating stand alone deliverables (e-training, software and reports)
  • committing to maintain them published online for a minimum of 5 years after the project conclusion
  • encourage the pilot partners to act as regional and national ambassadors of TRUST outcomes, via regional workshops and national platforms, and
  • to effectively link to existing international programmes and streamline with parallel research programmes in other regions of the world

The coordination work of brand design, implementation, website development and hosting and products post-production will be assigned to Work Package 7.1. On the basis of a concise exploitation strategy for TRUST outcomes, the drafting of all written materials, including website updates, press releases, executive reports and dissemination papers will be coordinated from Work Package P7.2. Finally, Work Package 7.3 will secure regional, national and international outreach and transfer TRUST products at a local level through workshops and national platforms organized in conjunction with regional and national players, and an international conference at the end of the project.